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Terms and Conditions governing Enlight SC's Sales and Warranty Conditions

1. General terms and conditions of warranty and complaints at Enlight SC
Enlight SC  provides the following warranty periods: 2 years for the equipment purchased and 1 year for single or built-in batteries.

The warranty period is counted from the date of the sales invoice by Enlight SC

The warranty is discontinued if the warranty seals are broken or damaged.
The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use or use in inappropriate conditions. The warranty does not cover devices modified by the user and devices showing signs of unauthorized repair.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by random factors (e.g. lightning, surges, flooding, etc.) _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and acts of vandalism.
Devices with installed software from sources other than those recommended by the manufacturer are not covered by the warranty.
To submit a complaint, a detailed description of the damage to the device and the situations in which the defect occurs is required.
The complaint will not be sent for implementation if no symptoms of damage are given or the advertised goods are incomplete.
Enlight SC reserves the right to repair for a fee, after prior notification to the customer, if the device's defect was not caused by a manufacturing defect but a random event (e.g. lightning) or improper operation. In this case, the warranty period is 3 months from the date of repair of the device.
Enligh SC is not responsible for the consequences of improper operation of the products sold.
Computer software is sold without any warranty as to its operation or utility values, and in particular, it is not guaranteed to work on the user's computer device or with the software used by the user.
The compatibility of the sold products with the products of other manufacturers is not guaranteed.

2. Detailed complaint rules.

2.1. Shipments.
If, upon receipt of the parcel, it turns out that the packaging is damaged to such a degree that the goods contained in it may also be damaged, the parcel should not be accepted, and a note about its damage should be added to the consignment note.
After receiving the parcel, unpack it in the presence of the courier and check the condition of the goods. In the event of damage, a complaint protocol should be drawn up (the form is carried by the courier), submitted to the courier, and a copy of it should be sent to us immediately by e-mail to the following address:info@enlight-led.plby entering the text: "COMPLAINT OF THE DELIVERY" in the subject line of the message.
This is the basis for the quick settlement of the complaint and shipment of new goods.
If, immediately after receiving the parcel, and within 2 working days, the customer finds that its content does not correspond to the quantity of goods as stated on the invoice, or the symbol of the goods differs from that contained in the sales document, then Enlight should be informed immediately. .: +48 517 672 105. After this time, complaints regarding the above-mentioned non-compliance with the shipment will not be considered.


2.2. Defects before operation.
If, immediately after receiving the shipment, and within 2 working days, it turns out that the equipment has problems preventing its use (i.e. the new device does not work properly), please deliver the goods to the Enlight SC warehouse / address: Kangu-Ursynów, Poleczki 23 / hall No. 30, Enlight sc 02-822 Warsaw or return the parcel at our expense.

The goods should be returned in their original packaging, carefully packed, with a description of the defect and a warranty card, if one was issued at the time of purchase. The following inscription must be placed on the packaging: "SERWIS - FABRYCZNA FAILURE".
If the faulty device shows no signs of use, is complete and has undamaged packaging - the goods are replaced with a fully-fledged one and shipped at the expense of Enlight SC
If the defective unit shows signs of use, is incomplete, damaged packaging or otherwise unsuitable for replacement, the goods will be repaired as soon as possible and shipped at the expense of Enlight SC

2.3. When the goods are damaged during use.
The damaged device is sent to the customer for warranty or post-warranty repair at his own expense.
If the returned device is not qualified for the warranty repair, then the procedures from point 1.8.
If it is found that the goods are undamaged, and the malfunction resulted from the customer's inability to operate the device or the customer's ignorance of its parameters at the time of purchase, it will be returned at the customer's expense with an additional cost of service from PLN 15 to PLN 100 net, depending on the scope of service activities - testing hardware.
Complained devices should be sent back complete (ie if, for example, a transmitter has been damaged, it should be sent back together with the accessories) and carefully packed, in the original packaging, with a detailed description of the damage and a warranty card, if issued upon purchase. It is necessary to put the word "SERVICE" on the package.
In the event that our device malfunctions with other devices or devices from other manufacturers, the Customer is obliged to provide a set of devices for testing.
In the case of delivering configurable devices (e.g. Lightstar, Exalux, Gaffers Control products), Enlight SC reserves the right to update their software and reset the settings to factory values, which may be necessary during service activities.
In the event of a justified complaint, the device will be repaired as soon as possible and shipped to the customer at the expense of Enlight SC

If, during the warranty period, the device cannot be repaired or replaced with a new one, a corrective invoice will be issued.


Technical Support

Enlight SC provides its customers with technical support.

We are at your disposal

Monday to Friday 

between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


Tel .: +48 517 672 105



Return Policy

  • Is it easy to return items?

Upon reporting  return, you will receive detailed instructions via email.

  • How soon will I get my money back?

After receiving the return and checking the condition of the item, we will process your refund or exchange. Please allow at least fourteen (14) business days after receiving your item for your refund or exchange to be processed. We will notify you by email when your return has been processed.


What's the return policy?

Purchases made at the Enlight sc online store include14-day satisfaction guarantee; if you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within14days from the date of delivery to get your money back. All returns must be mailed within thirty (14) days from the date of delivery of the order. All items returned must be either new or like-new with their original packaging.

What items are non-returnable?

  • Items marked as sale (outlet center, warehouse sale, goods on special order)

  • Free gifts or promotional items of retail value.


Please, remember:

  • Products must be returned in new or similar condition, unless damaged when received.

  • In the case of defective or damaged products, please contact us by phone +48 517 672 105 or e-mail at in order to arrange a return or replacement.

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