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The UV-protective FaderLux Viewing Glass is a tool for DOP, Gaffers, Illuminators and First AD that can be used to check contrast settings, adjust lamp settings, calculate F Stop, and calculate cloud-to-sun spacing.

It is the only viewing glass on the market with a built-in UV filter that protects against the sun. (Even with this feature, we don't recommend looking directly at the sun for too long.)
Its density can be infinitely adjusted by turning the knurled ring. Transparency can be reduced between 1.5 and 7 degrees.

1.5 = NA 0.3 - 0.45

2 = NA 0.6

3 = NA 0.9

4 = NA 1.2

5 = NA 1.5

6 = NA 1.8

7 = NA 2.1

appropriate Aperture / Stop index; by means of the mark on the knurled ring, the required settings on the ND scale can be assessed visually.

FADERLUX glass  is available in various color combinations:

The body is black or silver and the knurled ring can be black, red, brown, purple, blue or silver.

These different color combinations are not immediately in stock and require a special order.

Additionally, you can also personalize your FaderLux with individual laser engraving by adding your name, company name etc .. This service is available on request.

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