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We work with an American companyHoneycratesand we offer a full range of Butterfly trusses, Lighting Frames and LED lamps, which are precisely dimensioned and can be installed on lamps from leading manufacturers  such as: Arri Skypanels ™, Astera Tubes, Sourcemaker, LiteMats , Velvets and others.


What distinguishes Honeycrates?
- Superior honeycomb construction uses six sides and is built into a stiffening heavy-duty fiberglass frame.

- Unique design eliminates uneven sag which adds more control over lighting in both vertical and horizontal light cuts.

- This is the only lighting control truss structure made of soft fabric with a lifetime warranty on the folding frame.
- All Honeycrates products are handcrafted and assembled in the United States.


Honeycrates Design Group can make a custom Honeycrates prototype according to the customer's requirements according to the specifications provided.

Honeycrates come in 30, 40, and 50 degree lacing configurations.

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