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Acting professionally as Cinematographers, we decided that this is an exciting time for us and for the lighting industry, that we can support and implement new technologies by introducing them to film, TV and photography sets in Poland.

We started our activity (Enlight s.c.) in 2018 and we were the first to introduce Astera Led Gmbh products to the Polish market. "Asters" are now widely and appreciated by professionals for most films, TV programs and photo shoots.
Guided by professional needs, we decided to focus further on new, exclusive brands of companies - producing high-quality equipment and their products - which were previously appreciated in the professional world.

Currently as Enlight s.c. we check and distribute in Poland high-class equipment created by renowned manufacturers, such as: EXALUX, FXLion, GAFFERS CONTROL / Spots Unlimited, LIGHTSTAR and recently FADELUX.


The equipment we offer is also intended to help rental companies, all working Gaffers and people dealing with Light, but also heads of sound stages and teams of Production Houses - in better creating lighting effects and the implementation of their projects with the use of LED lighting - equipment with low consumption electricity, in improving and faster working practices when preparing lighting for film and television productions and photo shoots.
Energy-saving lighting solutions are a combination of efficient lighting equipment, and with the use of DMX (Wireless) lighting control, so necessary and convenient for better management of electricity consumption.

Offered by Enlight s.c. the equipment allows you to make informed decisions, and with the use of the latest LED lighting technologies, it improves the process of achieving the intended lighting effect, which certainly increases the quality and speed of creating a film image.


Michał Dąbal,PSC


Wit Dąbal,PSC


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