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ENLIGHT SC offers products of companies selected by us, we deal with their retail saleand wholesale, and their products constitute our Sales Offer.

We provide our clients in Poland with the most modern LED lighting equipmentand accessories that already have an established and excellent reputation - derived from the practical use of them by professionals around the world.



(Germany - battery led lamps / accessories)

specialist in the field of Led lighting equipment, software and its production. Since the mid-2000s, Astera has been producing battery operated, wirelessly controlled LED lights. Over the years, the company has constantly added features and new technologies to its lamps. In 2007, Astera moved its factory from Germany to China in Shenzhen - a global center for LED technology and where it is run by an international team of specialists.

In 2018, Astera noticed a growing demand from the media industry for portable battery operated lighting that can be used for filming, commercials, music videos, etc. And decided to build a product dedicated to this market. Astera contacted the gaffers and operators to develop the award-winning Titan Tube.

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(Germany - light modifiers / trusses / softboxes)
DOPChoice is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Since its founding in 2008 by Stefan Karle, DOPchoice has taken a new approach to light refining accessories for the world's best luminaires.


(France - dimmers / control / LED lamps)

Exalux develops hardware and software solutions to enhance your creativity. At EXALUX, innovation dominates the company's strategy, thanks to its ability to anticipate trends and establish links between needs and technology. EXALUX specializes in the design of outstanding lighting technology and lighting control solutions for the film, TV and entertainment industries.


(Germany - Viewing Glass)
FaderLux is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Michael Walsh (Gaffer with 20 years of experience in working with film lighting and the sun) constructed  FadeLux, which is the first special "glass" and the only one of its kind on the film market for professionals because ... it protects the eyes from harmful UV rays! In addition, the FaderLux is precisely calibrated according to the scale of the ND filters, where you can adjust their density and dim or brighten the image in the range of 1.5-7 apertures. It facilitates the assessment of the degree of lighting contrast, directing the lamps, and facilitates the assessment of the movement of clouds and the Sun.



(PRC -batteries / chargers / accessories)

FXLion Electronic Co., Ltd. based in Beijing is a professional manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and chargers for

professional cameras, LED lamps and monitors used in the film and television industry.

Established in 1997. The company's operations and management team now have over 20 years of experience in the production of lithium batteries for the broadcast industry. The R&D team guarantees high quality and service throughout the production line and is proud to provide strict quality control for its products with certificates such as ISO9001: 2015 and CE, TUV, KC, BIS certificates.

FXlion batteries and accessories have been a leader in the PRC for years in the domestic market with a high reputation from filmmakers and camera operators. In addition, filmmakers and camera assistants and DIT assistants use FXLion batteries and chargers in the European, US and Asian markets with great success.

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(USA California -kratownice  / softboxes / accessories)

businessHoneycratesin California, owned byDanny Boldroff, Local 80 Grip, decided  to improve control of spreading and focusing LED film light. Although other companies made "egg crates" lighting trusses, he believed that most of them did not retain their shape, reducing their ability to control uniformly.

and focusing light. After hours of research and development, his design has achieved an excellent product for controlling and focusing light using a special  "travel-friendly fabric". Unique Honeycrates ™ shape

and their precise design keep their shape better with minimal deflection. Honeycrates products also have a unique assembly system, the so-called "Slip on" which simplifies and speeds up installation in about a quarter of the time.

BusinessHoneycrates  produces a full range of Butterfly trusses, Lighting Frames and LED lamps that are precisely dimensioned and can be fitted to lamps from leading manufacturers such as: Arri Skypanels ™, Astera Tubes, Sourcemaker, LiteMats, Velvets and others.

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(USA California -underwater housings / accessories)

The legendary company famous for the production of housings for film and video cameras and lamps used for underwater photos, following the technical trend, has developed a number of housings, including LED lamps that can be used safely by divers operators at great depths.

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(PRC -lighting equipment / lighting systems / accessories)

Lightstar Electronic Company Ltd., founded in April 2001, is headquartered in Beijing. Is a company in the film and television industry,   is engaged in the production and sale of lighting equipment. It deals with research and development of film and television lighting equipment as well as equipping with special lighting systems, e.g. for crash tests and, for example, for car exhibitions and lighting control systems for advertising lights. Lightstar has successfully developed products such as: electronic ballasts from 200W to 24kW 1000Hz eliminating the problem of flickering light; PAR Daylight series, single-ended HMI Fresnel series, low color temperature Tungsten series, Airlite from 575W to 9000W, B2PRO-LIGHTSTAR umbrella canopy series, LED adjustable spotlight series, LED panel series, LED special series and other lighting equipment accessories filmmaking. All products have obtained CE certification which has passed the EU quality standards.

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(Belgium - wireless control of LED lamps)
Established in 1999, Spots Unlimited started as a group of 4 gaffers.
Spots Unlimited's philosophy has always been to create tools that make life on the set easier and more efficient. The Gaffers Control console was born from many factors in the changing movie industry: small crews must be able to take advantage of simple controls; the evolution of LED luminaires offering more options and the fact that more departments in the team are using the WiFi network on set have resulted in the Gaffers Control wireless control being based on the reliable LumenRadio ™ system.
The first unit of Gaffers Control was shown to people from the industry by Bert Reyskens

and following their positive comments, Gaffers Control went into production and is now available worldwide.

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