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LUXED-6-LM Bi-Color LED Spotlight (1080W) with Lumenradio.

Lightstar LUXED-6 is a high-performance Bicolor LED lamp with a brightness of 8,900 lux measured from a distance of 4 m. The color temperature can be adjusted continuously from 2800K-6500K, and the dimming can be adjusted from 0-100%.



You can power the Lightstar LUXED directly from your home socket! Achieving high LUX levels without any problems.


All Lightstar lamps have a high CRI and even exceed industry standards.


LUXED lights are durable and can be mounted wherever you need them.


If you need a strong light output, choose Lightstar LUXED-6. It's sturdy, versatile and provides all the power you need. Installation of LUXED-6 is easy and safe. The cast aluminum frame allows you to mount the lamp anywhere. Each Lightstar comes with a yoke mount for easy installation. The slim design of LUXED-6 is perfect for locations with small spaces. The design of the lamps is also optimized for use as lighting in the studio and outdoors, which allows for quick and safe installation. Another feature: all LUXED lights are also ready to take flicker-free photos.

Technical Specifications:


Description: LUXED-6 Bicolor LED light 1080W

Material: Cast aluminum

Color temperature: 2800-6500°K

Dimming: 0-100%

CRI / TLCI: >95 / >96

Rated input: AC 100-240V

Control: 4-channel cable control via DMX or LumenRadio

Frequency: 1-50 Hz


Weight: 33 kg





1x LED lamp with Lumenradio;

1x power cable;

1x Softbox and the set: 1x Full Diffusion, 1x Half Diffusion,1x Grid for Softbox

1x rain cover;

Dimensions: 1256x910x216mm

IP class: IP20

1x Flightcase

Lightstar LUXED-6 Bi-Color LED Spotlight (1080W) z Lumenradio LUXED-6-LM

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