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"Kantszkiełko" - FADERLUX Viewing Glass -In addition to other advantages (listed below), it is also important that > Protects your eyesight against harmful UV radiation. Description below!

This is the perfect tool for DOPs, Gaffers, Lighters and First ADs that can be used to check contrast settings, adjust lamp setting, calculate

F Stop and control the distance between clouds and the sun.

This is the best  on the market Kantglass for viewing  with a built-in UV filter that protects your eyes against harmful UV radiation. (Even with this function, we do not recommend looking directly at the sun for too long when using the FaderLux Glass!).In emergency situations when lighting and looking through  FADERLUX you will see, you will carefully evaluate  how much Fstop-Tstop .... The photo object ... is too bright or ... too dark for your Exposure!.

Its density can be gradually adjusted (so-called variable ND filter) by turning the knurled ring. Opacity can be reduced between 1.5 and 7 stops.


The ND scale is engraved on the outside of the fixed ring -(laboratory calibrated with appropriate ND density values)

1.5 = NA 0.3 - 0.45

2 = NA 0.6

3 = NA 0.9

4 = NA 1.2

5 = NA 1.5

6 = NA 1.8

7 = NA 2.1

appropriate stop/stop index; using the marking on the knurled ring, you can visually assess and set the required ND settings.


The FaderLux glass has a diameter of 60 mm and weighs 48 grams.


It is made of anodized aluminum and comes with a padded travel pouch and lanyard, as well as a neoprene pouch for wearing around the neck.


FaderLux is manufactured in Hamburg, Germany. Each is assembled and calibrated by hand. All locksmith work and further production processes, such as engraving and bag production, are carried out by local companies.


FADERLUX glass is available in various color combinations:

The body can be black or silver and the knurled ring can be: black, red, brown, purple, blue green or silver.

These different color combinations are not immediately in stock but may be available upon special order.


You can also personalize your FaderLux with individual laser engraving with e.g. your name, company name, etc.

This service is available upon special request and its cost = EUR 19.90.

Order with Laser Engraving your own ID:

Laser Engraving  (in FaderLux Hamburg) = 19.90 Eur

Courier delivery = +- 17.00 Eur


FaderLux Polarised Viewing Glass

Excluding Sales Tax
    • This is the fastest form of payment in PLN
    • You will receive your order within 24 hours inPost Paczkomaty, inPost Kurier.
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