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EXALUX ™ DIMLITE DL2X2Ais a mini dimmer / dimmer OEM for Bi-Color LEDs.
.It is designed to be discreetly integrated into movie sets with an extension of high quality dimming. It comes at a very attractive price.
The dimmer integrates the best of EXALUX ™ technology, including a high frequency PWM driver thatenables smooth and complete dimming without flickering.


  • 12-24V Constant voltage dimmer
  • Separate channel
  • 2A + 2A output
  • DC JACK 2.1 MM, input / output 12-24 VDC
  • 32 kHz PWM frequency
  • 1024 levels per channel
  • Plug connectors
  • Light (10g)

EXALUX ™ DIMLITE DL2X2A Mini Dimmer / Dimmer OEM for Bi-Color LEDs.

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