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The ATTO ONE is the smallest battery in the FXLion range and is the perfect companion for your camera, gimbal, LED light, and even your smartphone and laptop. The battery is very small andweighs only 220g.

Thanks to the two 1/4 inch threads, the battery can be mounted almost anywhere. The ATTO ONE offers various outputs such as D-Tap, USB-C, USB-A and a 7.4V DC jack.


The capacity is 37Wh and can be loaded with a maximum of 74W. All outputs can be used simultaneously.


Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 5.0 Ah / 7.4 V / 37 Wh

USB-A: 5V / 2A

USB-C: 5V / 3A 9V / 3A 12V / 3A 15V / 3A 20V / 2.2A

D-tap: 12V / 3A (max)

φ2.1 DC: 7.4V / 5A (max)

USB-A + USB-C + D-Tap + φ2.1DC74WMax

4 channels can work at the same time, the total output power is 74W (max.)

Charging: only via USB-C, 5V / 3A 9V / 3A 12V / 3A 15V / 2A 20V / 1.5A

Indicator: 4-level LED indicators

Dimension: 50.7mm (L) * 35mm (W) * 104.5mm (H)

Weight: 220g

1/4 inch fixed thread: 1x horizontal / 1x vertical

ATTO ONE 5.0 Ah / 7.4 V / 37 Wh

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