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Lightstar AIRLITE TUBE KIT Bi-Color LED Balloon (1000W) w/Lumenradio with Flightcase


AIRLITE 1000W LED Bi-Color LIGHT Tube / "Cigar"with an integrated air pump, it is ready to light in approximately 120 seconds. AIRLITE 1000W is a high performance Bicolor LED light for professionals. Color temperature can be adjusted continuously from 2800K-6500K, dimming can be adjusted from 0-100%. It is available with or without LumenRadio, and each kit comes with a rolling case.

The AIRLITE balloon light is extremely soft. Each set comes with a "skirt" with Velcro attached around the lamp. The integrated air pump inflates or deflates the balloon lumen in approximately 120 seconds, quickly and effortlessly. When filming, the pump can be set to run silently at 10% power to keep the balloon inflated continuously for long periods of filming or shooting. AIRLITE provides an astounding 1000W LED power with a huge and gentle beam angle. The color temperature can be adjusted from 2800-6500 Kelvin.


The installation of the lamp is easy and universal. The light spreads in all directions. AIRLITE provides a 28mm pin (male) located on top of the lamp. the power supply is not attached to the light itself. Each kit comes with a 7 m (23 ft) extension cord. The total weight of this lamp (including the power supply) is 11 kg in total.


Airlite 1000W Bicolor LED light
Color temperature:
dimming: 0-100%
CRI: >95
Rated input: DC 100-240V / AC 48V
4-channel DMX cable control per unit or LumenRadio
Weight: 10.5 kg
Ballast weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: φ900×2400(mm)
Package size: 1370x610x380mm
IP class: IP20


Lightstar AIRLITE TUBE KIT Bi-Color LED Balloon (1000W) w/Lumenradio with Flightcase

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Set contains:
    1x lamp head
    1x1m cable
    1x7m cable
    1x Wysłona  Black & Silver with velcro

    1x Safty Trolley Case on Wheels


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