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48V Skypower PL-4DC48S
This is a special power solution for the 48V Arri Skypanel LED Light.
48V 10A power supply design, fully meet the Arri S60 460W power application.
Use four pieces of large capacity, high efficiency battery, you can get the maximum effect of the lamp power working.
It has two functions: an adapter / output charger for the battery. You will completely achieve the function that one device can offer a portable DC power bank and battery charging. You will get a perfect integration of charger function and adapter function.
14.8V dual-channel output and 48V single-channel output can operate simultaneously. By using the 48V Skypower PL-4DC48S you will solve the need for the operator  to wear as little equipment as possible when filming outdoors.

One adapter / charger + four pieces of batteries can power two 12V LED panel elements and one 48V LED light.
Each 16.8V / 2A channel charging output can charge four battery packs simultaneously.
    Has operational status indicators and circuit protection for each channel.
    Live indicator for the whole kit.
FXLion is a trustworthy and proven professional factory, 20 years' Li-ion battery manufacturing experience in broadcasting industry.
    Custom design inside PCB, quality control.
    A reliable associate of you!

48V Skypower PL-4DC48S (Adapter for 48V + Charger)

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