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  • This is a special FXLIon solution. A power supply dedicated to LED lamps, eg Arri Skypanel 30 or 60 48V.
  • Developed for 48V power supply, it fully meets the power use of Arri S60 400W.
  • The 48V Mini Skypower FX-48D is only a Power Supply and cannot charge the battery!
  • Works with 2 x 14.8 V v-lock batteries or 2 x 26 V v-lock batteries.
  • Use 2pcs 26V batteries, then you will get max power of 480W.
  • 48V output can work for one 48V LED light unit.
  • Solves the need for the user to use as little equipment as possible, e.g. when filming / photographing outdoors where there is no network access.
  • It has a low voltage indicator for the entire kit.



  • FXLIONis a trustworthy, proven manufacturer of professional products, with 20 years of experience in the production of lithium-ion batteries in the entertainment industry.
  • Internal printed circuit board developed according to your own design, with the possibility of quality control.
  • A reliable collaborator for you!

FX-48D 48V V-mount Mini Skypower

Excluding Sales Tax
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