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  • Unique mini size, best performace for small camera, like Blackmagic,  Red, Sony, ARRI mini camera
  • Chargeable li-ion battery, no memory effect
  • Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • USB output
  • Two D-tap output
  • Blue metal V-lock
  • Fxlion charger options : FXLION PL-3680Q PL- Q80B PL-Q280B PL-Q480B PL-1680B PL-46B80B PL-5680B



  • Allows you to safely travel on a passenger airplane without the worries of lithium-ion regulations.
  • With two D-tap, both can be used as charging and discharging port.
  • Blue metal V-lock


BP-M98 Square V mount battery, 14.8V, 6.6Ah / 98Wh; with two D-tap

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